Alhaj Gul Muhammad Adamjee, Managing Director of Mehern Jute Mills Limited at Karachi, Pakistan established Adamjee Cantonment School in early 1960. Begum Gul Muhammad Adamjee laid down the foundation stone in January 1958. The main building was completed in January 1960.

The then President of Pakistan Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan wanted to establish a quality institution which led to the birth of Adamjee Cantonment School. The institution was later renamed as Adamjee Cantonment College. At present it is named as Adamjee Cantonment Public School. The school and the college were in the same building until 1985. Now the school and college are separate entities and are situated within the same campus but in different buildings.

The principal is the head of the school administrative body. Historically, the principals were Lt. Colonel level military officers from the Army Education Corp. However, many civilians have served as principals as well. The following of a military style code of conduct provides a good and peaceful environment for education.

The original building of the school is now where the 'Adamjee Cantonment College' stands. The school was separated in 1995 and was made totally an independent institution. Now, this school enjoys a high reputation for its superior quality education and discipline

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